As teachers, we have an educational mission towards the children. Not only the contents of the lessons play a major role, but also human values.

I am a teacher in Germany with a migration background and encourage children to pursue their dreams every day. The most important thing is not to lose your personality and to believe in your values. For this reason, I want to set a good example for the children by not giving up my (teacher) personality, continuing to explore new paths and trying out creative things. In addition, I want to broaden the perspective of people beyond school by bringing education and fashion together.

Due to the global change of our world, it is very important to me personally to offer sustainable products with high quality and to ensure fair working conditions. The design content is deliberately from school and ethical areas to emphasize the importance of education all over the world.

In the hope of inspiring people to educate themselves and to pass on their knowledge and values, my message is: teach.